Who becomes a volunteer? There really is no such thing as the "typical" volunteer. Those committed to making a contribution or effort to the scooldudes site from anywhere in India can be volunteers. Volunteers may be school students from any school between the ages of 12 and 18 years, who are willing to learn and contribute to the process behind keeping the site as user friendly, interactive and interesting as maybe possible.

Volunteering opportunities is a learning process that acts as a stepping stone to personal growth and development by making some contributions and gaining an insight into working collaboratively with other student volunteers on the scooldudes platform.

Benefits of volunteering

  • You get an opportunity to give expression to your unique talents in various areas even while studying.

  • You get recognized for your contribution.

  • You get to gain invaluable experience.

  • You get to keep abreast of happenings and trends among the school students and to interact and work with volunteers from other locations.

  • Offers an opportunity for your personal growth and development.

  • And Oh… your hours of effort will earn you credit points which can be redeemed by you from time to time for some cooooool gifts!!

  • Volunteers are often recognized as committed individuals. WHAT YOU SAY?

Areas where you can volunteer

  • Bulletin board coordinator

  • Bulletin board contributor

  • Discussion board moderator

  • Creative inputs for site and captions and banners

  • Suggesting themes for various contests and stuff

  • Acting as judges for events and competitions

  • Interviewing people

  • Expanding the network among the community