Get Set Go - Outdoor Activities

Scooldudes brings you a host of outdoor activities to keep you physically and mentally active. Sailing, archery, scuba diving, trekking – You name it, we got it! So why stay at home when you can be a part of a real adventure and have Rocking Galatta and Awesome Masti! Visit us at Scooldudes and learn something amazing everyday!

The following are a few of the activities that you can take part in:

  • Swimming

  • Beach Running

  • Heritage Cycling

  • Community Connect Programmes

  • Volunteer Programmes

  • Yoga Camps

  • Weekend Workshops

  • Career Connect Programmes

  • Adventure Treks

  • Various Games like Cricket/Tennis/GOlf/Chess/Baking/Drawing/Painting etc..

Profile of Get Set Go Experts